Solar Access - Ladybug/Honeybee - Dictionary Object has no attribute name



Hi All,

I am currently trying to run a solar access analysis on a test room. Using Dynamo 2.0.1.

Has anyone else encountered this error with the Analysis Grid node from Honeybee package?

Solar Access File.rvt (2.3 MB)
Solar Access.dyn (33.5 KB)

Honeybee analysis grid problem

I fixed this issue in honeybee 0.1.9. It happens because Dynamo 2.0 assigns an empty dictionary to empty list inputs: wGroups_ in this case. :expressionless:

Thank you for letting me know!


Hi all,

I having the same issue as @daniel.jl.9443.
I installed Honeybee 0.1.9 on Dynamo 2.0.1 but the same error still occurs.

Here it is the image of the error.

Nevertheless. thank you for the great and useful package :smiley: