Honeybee error - Cant find Gensky.exe

Hi All,

Im trying to run a script to produce daylighting results with honeybee, Im getting a strange error I think it may have to do with the permissions on my network: Cant find Gensky.exe


I would appreciate any help at this point.


@Mostapha Can you shed any light on this? all the other nodes are successful apart from the “Run Radiance Analysis” node, I can post my graph but its a bit of a mess to pick apart

Hi @nabrown

Could you show complete graph. It helps others who is trying to help you.

Ive edited it and got it working in the mean time, I was trying to use a HB surface from a single room but it worked with the room collector and HB zone instead

You need to install Radiance under c:\radiance for honeybee to be able to execute the analysis.