Error generating test points using Ladybug 0.2.1

Hi all,

I just installed Ladybug 0.2.1 and Honeybee 0.1.9 to try out creating this from the Hydra tutorials:

However, when I tried to do it, I found out that “Generate Test Points” with only 3 inputs and “Sunlighthour Analysis” are not available anymore.

I thought I could use the “Annual Solar Exposure” to replace “Sunlighthour Analysis” node but I couldn’t even get to that step because when I tried out using the new “Generate Test Points by Grid Size” node, I get an error.

I don’t know how to use this node (also do not know how to read/write python yet), what are the borders for and how do I accurately create inputs for this?

Here’s my dynamo script and a dummy house in revit wc I created for testing:
Sun Path_Sunlight hours.dyn (101.8 KB)
SunPath.rvt (3.8 MB)

I hope somebody could help me… I went through a lot of posts (below) already and some of them went unanswered:

hi,archjahzzy,I guess the node “Generate test points by Grid Size” can’t accept the “surface” you select from the model directly. And I’m confused by the input, “testSurfaces” and “Borders” , and their relationships. I’m sorry for can’t tell you more details, I’m also a newbie……

I had the same error.
You must firts install all plugin conected to Honeybee: