Slow UI

I am now starting to play around more with new Dynamo that comes with Revit 2023.
The new UI is great with much improvements, BUT I am so disappointed by the speed of the new UI.
When zoomed in it panning lags like a MF (without any 3D geometry in the background)! I know I don’t have newest PC but c’mon, i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz with 24.0 GB should be enough to pan around the 2D graphics!! The second frustration comes from right click search- it just freezes every time I search for something then disappears. Then after third try it shows results.
I know the previous version was slow and search was slow but I don’t remember panning problems.
Am I the only one with these complaints?
(Coming from Grassopper background and using the same PC extensively with graphs 10x larger with no problems this just baffles me…)


Try removing all your packages and see if that resolves the search and panning issues. Also are you in the Revit context or the Sandbox context? It could be that at Revit add-in is causing a delay.

I am in Revit context. After removing extensions, searching is faster but zoomed in panning is still slow.

Can you post what the notification is for (the ! icon on the right side of the menu bar)?

Also it’d help to know if this continues in Dynamo Sandbox (the way Revit handles graphics is different than Sandbox) by unzipping the Dynamo Sandbox 2.13 with 7Zip (to remove the mark of the web), setting your graphics card to not use the integrated card at all for that application, launch it and see if that performs the same way.

I reopened the file today and the notification mark was gone, but the panning is still lagging.
I have never used the Sandbox version, so I downloaded the D2.13 from this link- Releases · DynamoDS/Dynamo · GitHub
unzipped, added DynamoSandbox.exe to NVIDIA Control Panels Program Settings to use High-performance NVIDIA processor.
Then ran the DynamoSandbox.exe, opened the same file, and oh-boy it’s faster!
It still lags a bit when zoomed to fit all nodes but when zoomed to work level, everything is smooth!

I have Revit.exe also using NVIDIA card. Maybe I can add integrated Dynamo to use the card…
But I cannot find where the Dynamo.exe for Revit is located.

Revit/Dynamo really needs more ressouces than Rhino/Grasshopper. In my masterthesis I built the same code in both programms and navigation in the model was little bit laggy in revit and in rhino it was smooth. The scripts where from the logical side the same. Of course they where not exactly the same but nevertheless I think that it still shows that Revit/Dynamo needs more ressources. But it was never like you described.

Yeah, I haven’t compared the performance of actually running node scripts. I see them as different parts of program, There is script execution performance and the user interface performance. The UI performance ir really far behind that of Grasshoppers. In my case, the search was fixed by removing the extra packaged but it shouldn’t be that way! Why would having additional packages influence my search speed so drastically? In GH I had so many packages with no performance issues. Also, the panning lag is fixed by running Dynamo with dedicated Video card. Is that a normal situation for 2D graphics interface when panning requires 50% of GPU resources? I am no software expert but that seems like a bad graphics engine choice or bad optimization. Same goes for searching nodes…
I really think that Dynamo have great potential and when used together with Revits families it does wonders and I really hope there are plans for optimizing UI performance.

I found a solution for panning in Revit Dynamo using video cards acceleration - I had turned off the “Use hardware graphics acceleration if available” in Revit Options because of another Revit 2023 bug that does not display family thumbnails in properties if turned on… oh Revit…