Sloped Floor for two or more floors

Points.xlsx (7.9 KB)

Hi Guys, I am trying to create sloped floors that would incline on the Z axis, The node SlabShape.AddPoints from Data shapes was working perfectly when it had only 1 floor , however when I have two floors that I need to add points(Slope) to them I would get a null result,
any Idea how can I add slope to multiple floors ? or what am I doing wrong.
The script is based on excel points, I have uploaded the excel file and the dynamo script just in case
Thanks a lot
Creating seperate Floors From excel V1.dyn (72 KB)

Hi @ahmadkhalaf7892

try to use the node Floor.SlabShape.ByPoints from ClockWork instead. As shown below it works pretty well.

Hi Meychik ,
Apparently the floor doesn’t have the points so that I can edit them , I don’t know why but while I am using the script the floors are drawn perfectly yet there is no Floor points shown , When I try these nodes on other floors created the floors have points,
Do you know why I don’t have any points ?