Creating sloped floor by Dynamo

Hello Everyone! I am newbie to Dynamo and I have problem in creating a sloped floor. I already have a model in Revit, but it’s completely flat. I want to shift the highlight edge (you can see on the picture) 1000mm higher so that it would be sloped.
How can I do that?
I hope any of you can guide me to solve the problem. Thank you in advance for your attention.

By the way, I am trying in Dynamo.
My idea was:

  1. Creating the Polygon along the boundary of the floor
  2. Shift the chosen edge 1000mm up along the Z axis
  3. Creating the solid on the Polygon has just be created.

But on the last step, I can not create the solid. I have tried many nodes but it doesn’t work.

Try using Floor.SlabShapeByPoints node (Clockwork package)

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or a directshape

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Thank you for your advices.
But I think none of that work.

Did you already created a sloped polygon? If you did, try this:

  • create Polygon with the same Z coordinate

  • use that polygon for floor creation

  • use point with different Z coordinates to create Sloped floor

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