SlopedFloor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel Node not working

Hi Guys , I have found this node which is used to create sloped floor I believe, I am creating a rectangular outline with Z elevations and they are assigned as polycurves, I am getting operation failed Error , Here is the script
Sloped Floor trail.dyn (27.1 KB)
anyone knows how Can I solve this problem ?
Or does this node work , because if it works by directly drawing sloped floors it would save my life

@ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

could it be the node is just working for Civil ?
i can`t create or get information via these nodes

Hi Andreas,
Thanks for the help but I am using a different node, from the description it says it can create sloped Revit Floors

You are right I just figured this out , Is there any way I can create a shape that contains the Z elevations and then assign the shape to be as a floor ?
The idea as this script ?
I know I can add points for the floor , once the floor is constructed from 2D lines, But I was wondering if its possibile if I had lines with x,y,x points that can be directly drawn to shape a sloped floor

@ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

Thanks a lot