Slider Maximum & another problem

Hi Guys,

I have two issues and would really appreciate your help.

I am new to dynamo but do have some background in coding, though I am a architectural student.


  1. I would like to access the maximum value of a slider. In this case I would like to set the maximum to the length of the list.combinations node.

  2. I am kind of puzzled with my second problem. I used a list.permutations node when I started on this, and I was able to see the resulting geometry.

But after switching the list.permutations node for the list.combinations node the whole thing ceased to work. What am I missing here? I am pretty sure

I didn´t change anything else.









kind regards from Austria and thanks in advance


Hi again,


After restarting Revit and Dynamo issue 2) is solved.

But I still would like to access the maximum slider value as mentioned before. Any ideas?


thanks snp

hi, don’t know if i understand you right.

but if you click on then sliders down pointing arrow (lower right of the node) the selectors for min / max get visible???

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the reply. I actually would like to channel an input, like the length of a list, into the maximum value.



Hi Snp,

To clarify, you want an external number to determine the Max value of a slider automatically?

If so, I don’t think there is a current node for that. The way I would approach it right now, and you might be able to create your own custom node to make the code a little neater is in the image below. Essentially, you use a slider with a range 0 - 1 and then multiple the list length. It is a bit messy, but it works…







I’d use a bit of python to solve the issue:








get max index

If the slider value is < to the list length, use the slider value. If the slider value is > than the list length use the last index of the list.

Hi guys,

I tried Danny´s suggestion, and it actually works quit well. I couldn´t figure out Dimitar´s version, since I have close to none experience with python. But it looks good as well.

Anyway, Danny´s idea works well for me at the moment, so I will stick to it for now.


Would be great to have a node for this though.

Thank you guys, you rock!



Hello Snp,

I have logged issue for improvements. (MAGN-5024)