Data-Shapes slider input

Hello Everyone, I would like to ask about the Data-shapes slider Node if it could be possible to modify it to be able to have a list ( multiple values ) for the maximum input instead of one value because for each slider I have a maximum value and it will be different than each other ( this case it’s as an example )

I would be very appreciated for your help

if your list.count always outputs list 0, list 1 and list 2, i would say use three UI.Sliders and use List.Join between the Slider Output and the Inputs.

Hello Daan, thanks for your replay, unfortunately it contains more than three this is only an example , the number of the list is changing according to the rooms number so its possible to have more than three

hi @hamzeh_ahmad_1989 ,
here’s how you can do that : just switch the lacing on the UI.Slider node to longest. That will generate as many slider inputs as needed , with the appropriate maximum values :


Thank you so much, Mostafa , it worked perfectly, but it ran the slider interface screen twice is this something also related to changing the lacing ?

I have noticed that when you make changes to the inputs of UI++ on manual mode, it seems to run all the modifications you made. But that’s only while making modifications. If you just open the definition and run in dynamo or through the player that won’t happen.

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i will do it like that , thanks Mostafa again for your help , i really appreciated.

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my pleasure! :slight_smile:

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