Multipule numberslider

I have a revit component in which the component moves based on multipule parameters. In the image u can see that i did this by adding number sliders, to set the parameter value of each component.

However, I want to have all sliders locked together. So if i modify one slider, all sliders move between the minimum and maximum value alltogether at the same time.

Is there a solution for this? mabye i Python script or some other node?

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I would define the ranges using code blocks, then use a single slider and code block to extract the values at the nearest index to a percentage along those sliders.

See below:



Since the number slider node in dynamo doesn’t have any input port, I think what you want to do is impossible to implement.


GavC, Thank you so much!! I have this now, and it works: i can control multipule parameters with the percentage slider simultaneously:

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Nice work! You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Also you might find this useful as a method for list splitting that only uses one code block vs. multiple item at index nodes… I use it all the time!

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Thank you so much! This method is indeed easier and my graph is now more cleaned up :smiley: