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I have tried to implement these nodes in the dynamo script for creating sleepers with cant but I was not able to do it. Is it possible to find the complete grapth anywhere?

Thanks in advance


clr.AddReference(‘Autodesk.Civil3DToolkit’) // import the assembly



Python used in this way will require significant upkeep - that is each year and release you will need to test each graph with each use of the Python, and do a save as for the relevant version after making the modifications. The level of technical debt added to this method of graph production is quite extreme. You are going to a store (package manager) and buying a hammer and saw (Civil3D toolkit), and then using them to build your own hammer and saw (python nodes which call Civil3D Toolkit) every year. Why not just use the one which you purchased (got for free from package manager)?


Sorry for the misunderstanding, my level is very low. I was looking for the .dyn file or a graphic with the nodes to apply the cant in the sleepers.

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Jacob’s comment was not directed at you @s.s, don’t worry! You can find an example graph here that uses these nodes to do what I think you are describing.

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Thanks for the link @mzjensen

I had a look and it works when the pivot point is the the center of the base line.


The problem is that I need it to rotate from the low side rail and it depends on curve direction, so I guess that it is more complex

Low Side Rail