Place Block along Rail with CANT

Hi, I’m currently attempting to place rail sleepers/ties along a rail alignment with CANT applied using the AlignmentExtensions.GetCantInfoAtStation node. but and struggling with orientating the block to follow the cant rotation. Any ideas please?

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Hi @aa047 ,

I’m not a rail expert, but could you get coordinate systems along the profile at the desired sleeper locations and then rotate them?

Cant Example.dwg (1.5 MB)
Cant Example.dyn (935.3 KB)


Thank you @mzjensen that works!,

I actually manged to get it to work about 5 mins before you posted via a different node.
I found Vector.Rotate worked a treat too.


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Multiple ways to get there :slight_smile: glad it works!

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Hi @mzjensen

Thank you for posting your Cant Example.dyn script.
I have added a basic corridor to your Cant Example.dwg using the standard “RailSingleTrackCANT_w_ExtraLayers” subassembly from the rail toolpalette to check whether the ties are placed as expected.
It appears however that the ties do not follow the same cant as the corridor. See below.

Do you perhaps have any ideas what i may be doing wrong or what the reason might be?

Hi @mzjensen, thanks for this graph, i have tried using it and i am running into the following error;
The block are placed along the alignment, however, there are gaps in-between, I have tried changing to the geometry scaling to “Extra Large” and made sure that the blocks are uniformly scaled. Any ideas on what I can do?

PS: the alignment is fully continuous and the spacing set on the graph is 0.75m

Many thanks!

Hi @aadarsh.desai,

As a rule-of-thumb, leave the geometry scaling set to “Medium”. There are other examples on the forum for why that is the case.

Regarding the warning, I’ve been able to solve this in the past by changing the block definition to not be scaled uniformly. It’s not what the warning says, but it seems to work.

Hi @richard.vanderspuy
I was think about this as well because the sleeper has to get its elevation from the lowest side when it get in to a curve and your picture shows is really good.

Have you find a way to deal with it?

It is an honor to live in the same generation of you, @mzjensen. Thank you so much!


Is there any specific scenario for this situation? Because there is Cant Data in my Rail Alignment but I can’t read this Cant Data with AlignmentExtensions.GetCantInfoAtStation.


One question,

Did you create railway alignment in the Civil3d or you imported it from Landxml(from different design system?)

Br Adam

It was created in Civil 3D as a Rail Alignment.

I had thought it could’ve been a Data Shortcuts limitation but I’ve tested in the sorce file and it’s happened the same.

Forgt it. Node is working perfectly.