Slab Dimensions

Hello guys,

My script to dimension the slab works great until we have some angles on it.
Here is the script and example on how it works.

It doesn’t like angular plans like this:

I need some suggestions to fix this to work on angular slabs.
Kindly look over it.



We generally spent lot of time on dimensions so I am taking a step to make a solution for this.

I need some support. Kindly help me with this.

Thanks again.

No offense but the way you worded this makes it sound like you are asking us to do your job for you, which if you read the How to get help on the Dynamo forums post, is a good way to not get any response.

You showed us your script so far and an example of it working (good), but didn’t provide any errors on it not working on the next example (bad), instead you just ask us what is wrong (worse).

Start by showing any errors that pop up when you run the script on the second slab. This forum is to help you find solutions to errors or problems, not do your work for you, regardless of how much it will help your company.

No worries Kenny.

I think you got me wrong I mentioned for few suggestions and support not to do my job.

We generally spent lot of time on dimensions” I meant we all in Architecture and Construction field not my company…

Besides all, its my bad I missed to attach a snap of script after running it on second plan.
I will share that.

Thanks for bring that useful point kenny.

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The graph I shared in this topic seems to work well.
If you encounter errors, add a picture.


Sure Alban.

I will work on it and update you.


I really appreciate for taking time Alban.

It doesn’t work on the following layout, so tried to try it on couple of plans to figure out the error.
I have attached the revit file and images.

Works perfect on this:

It doesn’t like this layout.
To check weather it was revit issue I placed the layout on a new file and tired working on it.


Kindly find the attachment of the revit file for better understanding.
@Sample Floor For Dynamo (2).rvt (1.3 MB)



In your example, the references are not collected in the same order as the slab contours. (Don’t ask me why because I don’t know)
So you have to reorder them to make the graph work.



Okay I get it now.

Thanks a lot for the solution and time Alban.

Hi Alban,

I am having an issue with the dimension by reference it seems as it returning “fuction” for some reason? Any idea what am I doing wrong?


You need to supply a “Dimension Type” to the input on the node.