How can i put aligned dimension and angular dimensions in floors?


Hi to everyone,

this is my firtst Topic, i’m trying to put dimensions in my floors with Dynamo. I need to do this because i work with different types (and a lot of elements) so i would like to reduce the time to do this manually in Revit.

Someone can halp me please?

I post an image to explane to me better.

Thank’s to everyone.


Hey, If you search around here you should find some useful links.

Your basic workflow is to get References from the Element and define a line for the dimension location.

This can be quite tricky. I know that @Alban_de_Chasteigner is expanding his Genius Loci package to expand this functionality. I’d get the latest version and have a play.

Here’s one of my graphs, but as I say, I would probably use some of Alban’s nodes if I was to do it again :slight_smile:

I’m not sure there are any nodes for angular dimensions, but there is a method in the api… so it is possible and the method looks similar to the other creation methods.

Good luck :slight_smile:



Hi @michele.fiaschi,

As @Mark.Ackerley pointed out, I have a few nodes to automate the dimensions in the package Genius Loci.

If I change the Wall Edges References node slightly, I can find all the edges of a floor.


Can you share the dyn, or the python code?


For convenience, the python script is now a custom node : Compound Edges References.

Slab Dimensions

Thank’s for the support @Mark.Ackerley

I try to do this later



Thank’s for the support @Alban_de_Chasteigner and also for the dyn file.

I try to do this later and after i post here the script with my solution.