Slab Dimension

Hello guys, @Alban_de_Chasteigner

This slab dimension script works good when we have bumps on the building but doesn’t like when we have narrow bumps towards the building and gives diagonal dimensions.
Kindly find the example and the script:

May I please get a solution for this issue or do I need to change anything in the script?

Thanks in advance.

Can you show the geometry output of the polycurve for the second attempt? Does it have the same shape as the floor?

Hi @nmanney,

This behaviour has nothing to do with the shape of the floor but with the edit of the floor afterward (“Edit boundary”).
The methode used to retrieve the references doesn’t order correctly the curves and references after the edit.
You must reorder the references with their geometrical order.


Perfect, Alban you are the best.
It works.

Thanks a lot.

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I updated the custom node to facilitate the process.

The vertical edges are not found in the correct order when the element is edited while the horizontal edges are ordered correctly (I use the same API method to find the horizontal edges)
It’s rather weird !

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Got it. Thanks alot.

@Alban, the previous node works better than the updated one. Can We please have the previous node in geniusloci package as well so that it can be optional if needed.
The previous node works good after I did few changes to My revit file.