Auto Dimension Floors not working

I’m really new to Dynamo, and I’ve been struggling badly with this script to Auto Dimension All Slab Edges on All View Floors.

I manage to get no Warnings when I run the script, but it just does not work and I’m going mad just by not knowing what’s up with it.
Apparently I am not able to upload the file, so I’ll leave an image that shows up every node i placed. (I used clockwork, Archilab, Genius Loci and Springs)

I would very much appreciate if someone helped me out on this.

Hi @arq.donaldo.diaz,

The Dimension ByReference custom node expects dimensiontype and not dimension instance, curve and not polycurve.

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Thank you very much! I ended up changing the whole script, but your help was very useful to make the new one Work!

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