Dimensions to the four sides of the buiding

I have a question.

I got to dimension the face on the wall but whole building dimension is in “X” and “Y” axis.

I am curious if its possible to have the dimensions on the four sides of the building on its respective sides? So that we don’t have only 1 string of dimensions for all walls in X axis and 1 string for Y axis walls but we can have on all four sides of the exterior of the building?

Please let me know?

Kindly find the attachment of the example of how we achieved and what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @nmanney,

Here is a start.
My building is simpler than yours.
You have to find how to seperate exterior walls from interior wall (exterior/interior function maybe) and how to filter them by facade.


Hello Alban,

Thanks alot.
Sure. I will work on it and get you n update.

Thanks again.


The script to dimension the building works perfect on small buildings but doesn’t really work on big projects, it gives me an error on Revit.
The problem is not with the script but with Revit.

Does anyone have solution for this?
Please let me know.

Here is the script

I suspect it’s the angles which are giving you problems.

You are dimensioning walls which intersect your wall, so if they are at an angle which isn’t 90 degrees I would expect them to throw an error.

I believe Alban found a way of getting reference ‘points’ which might possibly solve this?!

Hope that’s of interest,


Thanks Mark.

Yes Mark. Even I felt the same because I tried putting angled walls in small project and it had the same issue.

Maybe play with wall joins? For a pointy building if it’s Mitred you can get a reference edge… Otherwise you need to filter those fails and add them manually later?

I tired working on it but failed to achieve it.


Could you please let me know if there is any solution for this?