Slab break and dimenion

Hi guys

I am working on project that we need to split the slabs and maintain the dimension in the view, I already resolved split problem using the same process that Mr. Marcello Sgambelluri mentioned in the course, this the link:

When I run the code will create the new slabs and keep the old slab and once delete the old slab to avoid the overlap problem, the dimension disappear. and I want keep the dimension in view so any ideas.

The dimensions reference the old slab’s edges/faces. When you delete the slab, you delete those references and thus the dimensions are orphaned and deleted. Not sure if there’s a programmatic way to change a dimension’s references through the API, so you’ll most likely have to either make them again manually or add them automatically at the end of your script (after the new slab have already been added to the document).

Edit: Had a quick look in the docs. As I feared, it seems you can only get the existing references of a dimension through the API. There’s no “set” method.


You can cut out the dimension and after your script run past them. If the edges are in the same place it should reassociate them.

It may be possible to add that to a script. I haven’t tried cutting, copying or pasting in Dynamo.

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I have tried to search for that solution but couldn’t find any reference and also am not sure that dynamo can make copy and paste as you said, and thank you for your comment. Appreciated.


If I couldn’t find any solution I will do the manual way as you said, thank you for you opinion.