Side-By-Side Conduits in a Cable Tray with Dynamo

I know that within just Revit itself, you can manually create multiple conduits side by side on a cable tray. However, is there a way to do this via Dynamo scripts? As far as I know, when using Dynamo scripts such as Conduit.ByLines, it always outputs a conduit on the centerline of the cable tray. Thanks.

Hello @mexawesome123 and welcome …yes it should be possible…

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Hi @sovitek which package is the Element LocationCurve node from? I don’t see it in Dynamo’s default nodes.

Genius Loci…but you can use ootb element,get,location as well i think :wink:

I have this set up right now, but when I hit Select to select my conduit in Revit, it doesn’t let me click it. Any idea what is the issue? (I have also changed diameter, but that shouldn’t be a problem)

Yes if you only will select one component with that node you had to to cross-select its actuelly for multiple selection…if you use " select model element" instead you can pick but only one :wink:

Which one do you recommend? Would Select Model Element be better to keep one conduit off to the side, and then use it as reference to build the rest of the system with Conduit.ByLines?

It depends on what you wanna do… …here is some ways for selections multiple…if you wanna do it by run i would do it another way i guess :wink: good luck

One last question, do you know what the “Warning: There is no version of Geometry.Translate that accepts argument type(s) (Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Vector, Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Vector, int).” error is, and how to fix it if possible?

where do you see that…could you show a screenshot with that situation

arhh i see…

Hi, I think I’ve made the correct changes here, but when I hit Run in Dynamo, it just says “Run started”.

Not sure but try retsart ,btw are you sure the diameter is only 0.5 ?

Usually around 0.5-2, since it’s 12 inch width cable trays I’m working with.

think that node expect millimeter try convert that value to millimeter before input vitth unitconverter node

I didn’t try that node, but I changed the value back to 20, and it still didn’t work.

could you upload me a small snip with rvt file just an empty one with that conduitfamily you use…and i will take a look :slight_smile:

Oh, things are showing now, I just had to save my Revit file.


Now, based on this set of code, it creates side-by-side conduits based on a pre-existing conduit that was drawn (in particular, same direction).

Is there a way to create a conduit with Conduit.ByLines and then use that as the input for Vector.Rotate?

Yes it is…please create a new topic and mark this one as solved or.try play around with it and take some search here and if you get stock then upload your graph as image with all nodes expended so people can help :wink: