Show Revit background preview by using dynamo player


Is it possible to show the backgroud preview in Revit when I use the dynamo player?
I want to see the Element.Getlocation points when I use the player.

I like to hear any response.


Jan Willem

I do t believe this is possible, as when you close Dynamo the preview goes away as well. Dynamo Player runs the graph and closes it right away, wiping any temp geometry at that point. Any reason to not use regular Dynamo?


Thanks for your comment.

I want to make the script so that people who have no knowledge of dynamo can use the player.

The reason I don’t use regular is because the action is executed more often, when I run the script again my 1st action disappears.


Ah. An element binding issue. Player is certainly the easiest way to accomplish that feature. Closing the file (without saving) between runs will also help. What is the ‘action’? There may be some other good ways of avoiding element binding too.

Thanks again!

I am writing a script where I read the familys of architect. I place my own familys on the element.location point.

The family is regularly rotated, if I can subsequently rotate the family based on the preview point, I know for sure that the family is in the exact position.

Ah. Why not read the family’s rotation and set it to match at the same time? Or is it an issue with not knowing how the arch’s family was built, requiring you to sometimes rotate an additional 90 degrees?

Yes, that’s the problem. We often have to deal with mirrored homes and most familys have different positions.
That is the reason that I would like to see the preview points when using the player

Another question:
Do you also know how I automatically pick a host for elements that needs a host? For example, an Air Terminal valve is often placed on the ground floor because it cannot find a host.

Not sure what nodes you would need, but the element’s transform properties would include mirrored status and the like. It’s accessible via a few different packages for the active model. Not sure about links though. Look to see what you can find as it would likely save you some headaches. Check Archi-Lab, Clockwork, Datashapes, BiMorph, Rhythm and Springs packages closely.

There is a variety of hosting methods available, best to start a new topic though as that’s pretty far off from this one and may help others. Be sure to provide a sample file (including the family type you want to place) and a dyn showing what you are currently trying.

Thanks a lot!