Revit elements disappear at new BLANK dynamo file

I made a script that creates some elements inside revit. When I close the script, the elements are still there in revit. But if I start a new BLANK FILE in dynamo, the elements directly disappear. It could be related to binding but im not sure.

I tried unbinding the dyn file, by setting the script to manual mode, freezing the first few nodes, running the script and saving. I confirmed by looking into the .dyn file that the Bindings section was empty. Then I reopened the script, ran it and closed without saving. Again, after opening a new BLANK dynamo canvas, the revit elements are gone.

What should I do to keep my output?


Can you provide a sample output of your script? This sounds vaguely like you might be witnessing Dynamo preview lines in the Revit client, but I don’t want to assume just yet.

Here is the .dyn. It creates Detail Lines in a view, some walls, and some floors. You do need to set some inputs like family types. … Nevermind I cant upload stuff since this account is fresh. But no its not about the preview lines.

1grids.dyn (139.8 KB)
Here it is with older account :slight_smile:

You should be able to post an image. Make sure it’s taken with the Export as Image command and that all nodes and preview bubbles are visible.

Sorry, I see there are some custom nodes in the script that I didnt add. Mybad.

I just ran a portion, outputting some walls and floors in Revit:


Here is the workspace image

And here is the custom node just in case
ExtendCurveStartEnd.dyf (8.5 KB)

Unfortunately the image is illegible. Node names aren’t visible and almost none of the preview bubbles are pinned to show the data. It’s usually easier to follow an image of the issue in action than to try and recreate it in a completely different environment.

Do you really need to see all node outputs? I thought this was just to prove that its not just Dynamo Preview Lines we are talking about :slight_smile: Therefore I expanded 2 node outputs to indicate that indeed there are Revit Elements there.

I dont know what I did differently just now, but now its OK. I can open a new blank file and the old output elements remain. (Maybe it had to do with restarting Dynamo? No idea… ) Case closed for now. And thanks for your support.