Shortest walk using Python

Does anyone know of a method similar to LunchBox Shortest Walk that works with Dynamo for Revit 2020+ or Dynamo for C3D 2020?

Was hoping to use this workflow in Revit 2020/C3D 2020 but it relies on LunchBox which won’t work for either versions of these software


In Revit 2020 why not make use of the PathOfTravel node?

Hi Jacob - that’s a great point and thanks for getting back to me. I’ll give that a shot when I get the latest update installed as 2020.1 seems to be missing that node. To be clear I’m trying to develop workflows that will be used on linear infrastructure projects. The consumable data in this case is mainly GIS and will likely be quite large so not sure how much I want to use Revit for this.


if your GIS data is a kind of graph structure (like ways and nodes in OSM) then probably you could use Dijkstra or A* algorithm. They are quite easy to adapt.

They are often used on square grids, because this is how people mostly use it in computer games, but can be as well adapted to graph-like networks. You can easily even add additional conditions like max speed etc.

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@maciek.glowka this looks like a fantastic resource :smiley:! It does seem very easy to do in Python. Thanks for sharing.

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