The similar function as Curve.ShortestWalk

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:,

I’m trying to find the node that can replace Curve.ShortestWalk, because it does not work in Dynamo 2.0.3. I know it could work properly in version 1.3.3, but I’m just wondering is there any other way I could use?

I have already created the mesh on the analysis surface and get the path, and now I would like these paths could only be restricted to run on the surface.
Is it possible to do that?

Double check that you have the latest lunchbox installed, as I believe it works when updated. Note there is some difficulty getting it installed sometimes, so you might have to go through the website not the Dynamo package manager.

I will confirm this later if you can’t.

Hi Jacob,

Sorry to reply you late. As your recommendations, I installed the latest Dynamo from the website. The error is changed but it still not worked well?

What is the input not shown?

The X,Y,Z points I got from the middle point of doors.

Double check on what the node expects - A line from start node to end node. Creating a line by bear fit through the ordered pairs of points should solve the issue.