Sheets in Revit using Dynamo

Hi guys

I have now tried many different solutions to create a smart way of making sheets in revit using Dynamo.

What i wanna do is illustrated in the picture below!

I have managed to do an excel file with two columns. The first cloumn contains all the sheet numbers and the second one the sheet names. But what I don’t know how to fix - is the different categories, sub categories and namings.

My question is; How do I make it look exactly like the sheets illustrated below? And it has to be modifiable within excel.

Tank you
// Kasper S


I have created and Excel-Revit-Sheet workflow using Dynamo. Naming of sheets comes from excel, which is according to our company standard. We controlling everything using that Excel sheet, might be able to help you but hat you mean by categories, sub categories etc? And what exactly you are trying to achieve?