Sheet management in Revit

Hey guys im rather new to Dynamo

I have a revit project with 50+ sheets, and im trying to sort my sheet list in revit and i thought, hey lets try doing it via Dynamo ( at this time ive used more time rather blindfolded in Dyn than it would take me to manual plug in the data )


But im not giving up!

Ive added a parameter in revit “Sheet Type”

My typical sheet name/number is something like “I.LIS_K01_H1_E1_B1 - Flor plan 1”

I want all my sheets with “H1” in the number to get a sheet type of “plans” and so forth…

This is where i was stuck… I Think i want to sort the list so i have a list with only the sheets that contains H1, H2, H3 and so forth.

Next step is then to tell dynamo that H1 = Plans, in sheet type


I hope someone can help.

Hi @MrHansy

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This will get you started.

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