Sheet.Views vs old Sheet.Viewports from ArchiLab

Curious if anyone has thoughts on this. So before we had the “Sheet.Views” node, the way I determined if a view was on a sheet was by getting all the viewports on sheets, checking the viewport sheet Number parameter, getting only the viewports that didn’t have a “—” and then getting those viewport names and comparing to a list of view names in the project and then getting the views.

While a little convoluted, this was pretty efficient in terms of time and worked. However, since the Dynamo team introduced the Sheet.Views node, it seems this is the intent of the node. BUTTTT, it’s slow as the dickens! It seems dynamo opens up every sheet or something in the background to determine what views are on the sheets. I’m curious if anyone else has run into this and has any thoughts or tips. Does my original method still make sense and if it’s faster, why not do it that way?

Have you tried this process with Springs.SheetViews+ ?

The Sheet.Views node doesn’t seem to be doing anything weird.

Here is the code from the GitHub:

I actually just saw that node and am going to try it. Hopefully the code is more efficient…and if so, hint hint Autodesk…thanks John!

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Viewports have a parameter ‘ViewId’. It will just give the ID of the referenced View from the viewport on the sheet. I’m guessing that elem = doc.GetElement((VIEWPORT).ViewId) would be the fastest method of getting the view from a viewport.