Views on sheet vs Views not on sheet

hello everyone, I’m using Ideate Explorer to see how many views I have and which views are on the sheet and which are not. I’m trying to replicate this process in Dynamo but not quite sure how to grab ‘on sheet’ and ‘not on sheet’ from here;

any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

You could get the Sheet Name or Sheet Number parameters for the view, if they’re blank then it’s not on a sheet. You could apply the same method to a schedule in Revit.

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You can use All Views and then Set.Difference against a list of all views on all sheets.

  1. Get All Views
  2. Get All Sheets
  3. Get All Views on Sheets
  4. Compare List


many ways to skin a cat



thanks! how about views.IsOnSheet? Can’t really find it for some reason


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