Getting views from associated viewports

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Is there away of mining out the associated views from each viewports. Say for example I have multiple views on a sheet some legends some plans etc. I want to be able to filter the viewports that contain floor plans or structural plans. Is there a way of doing this? I’ve uploaded snipped from my code to try and explain what I want to do. Obviously the code block is the missing link.

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The node Sheet.GetViewportsAndViews from the package Rhythm would work for this with the node View.ViewType from Clockwork:




Thanks for this, much appreciated.


Is there anyway of mapping the viewport to the views. I’ve tried to do it with a filter Boolean mask but its not working, its giving me schedules amongst other things as the true values . I know it’s because I’m using the views not the viewports to get the Booleans. Is there away round this?
Please see below.


Hi James, you just need to adjust your levels since the viewports and views are grouped by sheet.- I think this wasn’t easily apparent because the View.Type node flattens the list unless levels are used. See below (the last grouped part of the graph is only to show that the filter is working properly)


Thanks again. What build of Dynamo and Revit are you using? my View.Type node from the rhythm package is not working properly it’s returning nulls.



thanks for your help there were old packages causing a problem on my machine. Thanks for your help again :slight_smile:

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