Sheet Numbers and GetParameterValueByName


Does anyone know why GetParameterValueByName randomly skips values when requesting Sheet numbers? I’ve tried multiple ways to get a complete list but cannot figure out the logic behind the randomness of the skipped items. This only applies to Sheet Numbers, everything else runs perfectly. If anyone has a work around, I would greatly appreciate it. I have attached a screenshot with the operation running 3 times giving 3 different random lists.




Hello Travis Williams,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are tracking this internally with issue ID MAGN-5870

Will let you know once it is fix.

Continue using Dynamo.




Thank you for looking into this Ritesh


Hello Ritesh,

Any updates about the Sheet Number issue?

Thanks, Ivan


This still occurs in the Beta 0.8 release, Any ideas if it will be included in the stable release?


Just saw the new nodes for sheet info - thanks everyone they work great


Greetings, could i know what you mean by the new nodes for sheet info ? I encounter the same problem, it appears to occur only in Revit 2015 .

Could i know what you have done to solve the issue ? Thanks ! (I left an email to Travis)

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Hi Loy,

In Dynamo .8.0 the team added Sheet numbers to the basic nodes. If you type “sheet” in the search bar they will show up on the bottom of the list.



I’m trying to send it back to Revit from Excel. I have use the Sheet.Numbers and Sheet.Name nodes to extract the data. However, these nodes can’t be link directly to - Element.SetParameterByName, ParameterName as I want to retrieve the data. If I were to use a code block or string, it would end up with the same problem of skipping randomly. (This problem only occurs in Revit 2015, it doesn’t skip in Revit 2014, tested)

Do you have any workaround ?

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What’s the error you are receiving? The top one doesn’t have a parameter name assigned.


Greetings ,

I’m suppose to have a String Node (or Code Block) with “Sheet Number”, but it’s not going to work as it will be giving the same issue of randomly skipping through the list. I would like to know if there is other nodes that can input “Sheet Number” as the parameter.

(And therefore I leave it unassigned)

If you saw the screenshot from the original person, you would see that his Sheet Number has an issue, which is the same as what I’m facing.

Thanks !