Sheet Name Check against predefined Excel Names


We have just implemented a document management system that means all our drawings etc need to be named in exactly the same format and from a choice of sheet names. I don’t want to have to include all the various sheet name options and then have the technician remove the 100+ sheets they don’t want.

A method I have thought of is at the end of the project the user could run a dynamo script which would search the excel file for the sheet number and then compare the Revit Sheet Name against these in the excel document available for that sheet number.

If they match one of them then that is fine and no action is needed, however if they are different then I will use Data Shapes to give them the available options to change it to.

I’m currently struggling to come up with the part that checks against the excel file and if anyone can offer any guidance or help that would be much appreciated!

Here is the Revit Sheet List (With added typos and mistakes):

And Here is the Excel file with the predefined, acceptable sheet names:

For example: Sheet 000 - Drawing Registerr would flag up as incorrect because it’s only options are Drawing Register OR Drawing Register 1 of 2. Then with Data Shapes I can give the user a list of options to rename their sheet too.

Any help or advice on how to check the sheet name agains the ones in Excel would be a massive help!!!