Sheet from Schedule not Updating

The Sheet.FromSchedule node (Bimorph) doesn’t seem to refresh. When I add sheets, the sheet list remains the same. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!

Nodes recalculate when there’s a change to their input. The boolean input for Refresh does not mean “refresh this node automatically”, it’s meant to be used as a toggle. When you want the node to update you have to change the Boolean input. In this case you would change it from True to False. The next time you would change it from False to True.


Thanks, Nick. I was able to update as you said. But, there is another issue.

It’s not including the top sheet shown in the SHEETS schedule (ordered by Sort Order). When I change the Sort Order, whatever is on top, is not included. If there’s 18 sheets, only 17 are listed. Is this a bug?

Can’t say for sure without seeing your project, but it’s possible. @Thomas_Mahon might be able to help you sort that out.


Which version of BimorphNodes are you using? Can you send a minimal reproducible case? Also are your headings turned off in the schedule as I recall with really old version of BimorphNodes this wasn’t taken into consideration and the first row in any schedule is always ignored as its blank data…unless the headings are turned off, which resulted in the first item being omitted incorrectly. The newer versions of Bimorph nodes had an update to handle this oddity.


Thanks Thomas,
Version 3.0.3
A clean 3MB zip file with Revit and Dyn is linked below.

When adding blank row, and/or header the list will correctly show all sheets. Perhaps the latest version has old code?

Yep that must be the cause. I wasn’t aware of that setting when I wrote the node (I think about 4 years ago on Revit 2016!) so its not evaluated. If its not too much of a problem, leave it on as a workaround and I’ll add this to the list of updates in the next release.

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Thanks Thomas. Leaving a blank row on top works for me.