Shared Parameter transform Elevation at top to NGF

Hello everybody,
i have this errors, when i creat a shared parameter for family structural framing when i put this one ( Ai_Poutre), i have errors
any one can help me


You are trying to put a string into a parameter that is not a string in Revit. Given the name of the parameter, i guess the parameter is a double. You might want to check its type of Revit directly.

i create a shared parameter for structural framing and i assign to my project, before that run, but today when i wanted to use it, it did not work

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We would need a sample Revit model with these parameters applied in order for us to resolve this.

That said, this issue is pretty staright forward - you’re feeding the parameter a word, but it wants a number (or other data type). Recreate your parameter as a string/text type and you should be able to run this as is.

Thank you, i resolved the problem