Excel sheet list into Revit

This has probably been done to death

But all my other parameters work but just this one fails any thoughts please.

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What does the warning say? Are you trying to set a type parameter? We need more information.

this is the warning message

Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a string.

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I understand. That’s why I suggested posting them through links or a file sharing site. Posting multiple threads for the same question is not allowed and also very confusing.

The error explains the issue. You are supplying a string when your parameter type is something else.

So how do I find out what type it is. As far as I’m concerned it is simply a text parameter

Can you provide anymore help than that Nick because I’m no closer to a solution otherwise.

Seems like there are two Type parameters at index 6 and 10 (String and Element Id)
That is probably creating a conflict.
Would it be possible to rename the Type shared parameter?

Hi Vikram

Thanks for the response the `Type’ shared parameter is pretty ingrained within our system. I didn’t think it was possible to rename shared parameter. All our schedules are set up to use this also so that will prove very labour intesive. I did just find that it’s set up as an instance parameter rather than a type parameter does this change anything.

It’s not a good idea to create parameters with duplicate names. You run into issues like this. I think you would have to use python and determine which parameter is the correct parameter before setting the value.

Yes I can see the problem already Nick. Python is out of my scope unfortunately. Looks like I’ll have to tough it out with creating a new shared parameter and introducing it everywhere i find the old parameter

I created a new Parameter Vikram and substituted it in. It’s now working. Thanks for your help

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