How to get coordinates/points from linked model elements and place families at those points

Hi sorry to ask a somewhat general question,but I’m away from revit at the moment and am really trying my best to solve this problem and have hit a wall so I wanted to reach out to the forum, I’m a dynamo novice by the way so please forgive me for not being able to help myself more. What I’m trying to do is pull all elements from a linked revit file then filter through them down with a Boolean mask, to get down to just the elements I’m interested in which I believe is the right step to isolate the desired elements, then finally get the coordinates of the items I’m interested in that I’ve filtered down from the linked model and place an instance of a specified family at that point. I think I’ve found some examples of how to get the elements from a linked revit model and how to do Boolean masks. Now my question is once I have the elements filtered down and have their element IDs how do I go from this to getting there coordinates which I want to feed into the Family.InstanceByPoint node to finally place the desired family at the coordinates in my model which correspond to the element list/IDs which have been pulled from a linked model and are a list of mech equipment in the linked model.
Can some one please help point me in the right direction as to how I should pursue this, I’m most stuck at how to get the coordinates of a list of elements so I can feed this into the Family.InstanceByPoint node, can someone particularly help me with what I should do to achieve this please sorry for my ignorance I’m at a loss as to how to move forward with this.

dynamocad pakage Mtext node is help you

Mine should work for your coordinate issue. This one pulls the XYZ coordinates from the linked mechanical model and then drives the FamilyInstance.ByPoint node.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try, sorry for the late reply I haven’t been logged onto the forum in a while, I’ll let you know as soon as I try it out, thanks again.

Thanks I got your method working it fixes my issue I just have one problem, I’m not sure what link document does in the “Element.GetFromLinkedFile” node I had to iterate through some values which was ultimately different from the link instance value before I got the right one to get the right equipment to come through do you know a way I could get the right value for the link document field without having to iterate through some values? For example the value for my link instance was 4 and the one I needed for the link document was 7.

You have to go to Manage Links and see what line item the linked file is then plug that into the node. I don’t think this can be automated because it has to point to a specific linked model and you have to tell it which one you want.

Thanks, just got back from vacation and gave your solution another look and I finally got it working, your help will greatly improve my teams productivity on the next project your help is very much appreciated. thank You.