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Another random idea from the AU forum.

For the script I made it player friendly, so user picks an alignment, runs the script, then gets a table of the profiles for that alignment, then type in the index number of the profile you want and then choose to use the profile start and end points or a user entry (if the station falls outside the profile it returns -999 elevation). Because vertical curves have to be tessellated I also tessellated hz curves so it’s not super pretty but works (so far).

Because I am tessellating both HZ and VT curves, I didn’t want overlapping tessellated station values, so I wanted to get all the VT tessellated stations grouped by vertical curve, then get the min/max station of each curve, then filter out and HZ tessellated stations within that range. But since there are likely multiple VT curves there are multiple ranges so that was a new challenge for me and hope this helps someone else.

Feature line from Profile v4.dyn (226.7 KB)
Feature line from Profile.dwg (1.4 MB)

Remove by ranges concept


Nice work! This OOTB node does almost the same thing, where you can get a PolyCurve from a Profile and adjust the tessellation. It looks like your method is a little more complete because it doesn’t include the extra points along tangent sections, but this node might save a bit of real estate in the graph.



hi @KirkWM
Thanks great job
I have a note please
If the creating FeatureLine from _AeccCreateFeatureLineFromAlign

There is very little difference in the FeatureLine length Because the arcs in Alignment


I don’t know there is a better way
They are polyline extraction from Alignment

and creating FeatureLine and
then created InsertFeaturePI according to the profile on this is FeatureLine

Full point height adjustment

Sorry I interfered in this discussion
Thanks for sharing the file

@KirkWM This is really good,

Just riding on the wave, here is a way to convert a featureline to alignment and profile. In case anyone is looking to perform reverse operation (featureline elevation to profile PVI). suggestions welcomed

FeaturelineToAlignmentProfile.dyn (62.8 KB)

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Thanks Zach, I saw this but the title lead me to believe that this was polycurve of the profile as you’d see it in a profile view; just tried it out and it is actually a poly curve for HZ with vert from profile. This certianly does have potential, especially for a more simplified approach.

Yes, the differences I would imagine are because of the tessellation (approximating curves with lines) which leads to the differences. No sorry necessary, I posted this to foster discussion :+1:t3:

It worked nicely on my tessellated feature line but it doesn’t work with feature lines with curves since you are going the route of taking all the feature line points and converting to polyline and making alignment.

There are other options for making the alignment where you first make an alignement placeholder then add data to it.

Here is an option for approximating the curves

Or direct geometry with FeatureLine.PolyCurve node

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hi @KirkWM
AlignmentEntities.AddFixedLieOrCurve ?
in which package?

its the C3D Toolkit package under Civil 3D > Alignment Extensions > Alignment Entities

hi @david_licona
this package does not exist in C3D…

I’m pretty sure it exists :grimacing:. It does since 2019 : Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

in the package manager search for Civil3DToolkit, do not apply any filters :

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hi @david_licona
why is not on my list AlignmentEntities.AddFixedLieOrCurve

image not loading here…