Shadow area calculation

Hi All,

I don’t know how list.filteredbyboolmask exactly works here. I get “empty list” at last and “list count” will show 0.

I appreciate your help for letting me know how to complete the nodes correctly.

any suggestions?

Uploading sample files of what you have completed is a good start to get help.

Sure. Thanks for telling me.
Here is the file.

Nodes.dyn (8.6 KB)

Revit Shadows are image-based so it’s hard getting vector data out of them. You can use the ray-tracing nodes to see if something is in view from the angle of the sun. You can also try Ladybug i believe.


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Thanks @Matt_Jezyk.

I know @Vikram_Subbaiah calculated it by counting points on surface. But I don’t quite understand the logic and when I want to do the same I will get empty list at last.

@Vikram_Subbaiah I appreciate your time and attention if you could help to solve the problem. Thank you so much.

@Raha_R Here you go, let me know if you require any clarifications…
Nodes-20160920.dyn (18.1 KB)

As your spacing is 10 (mm) The area by counting would have been in unit square centimeter. Hence the conversion at the end.


@Vikram_Subbaiah Thank you so much!!

Just to my wonder if by decreasing spaces between points, the results will give smoother edges? (It takes too long with my system to be analyzed.)

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@Raha_R Decreasing the spacing (to1) will certainly improve accuracy, but as you said you’ll need to strike a balance.

You might also be able to get better results by altering the value/precision of the number that is fed into y of < (after Math.RemapRange)

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Perfect solution! thank you so much indeed @Vikram_Subbaiah.

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