Shadow boundary extraction

i have a problem while i`m doing my shadow study that i need to the cut plan to be in ground but also have the full geometry shadow appears in the same level then calculate the shadowed area

so what i thought of is there a way of extract the shadow boundary then use it to create a surface or maybe filled region to show it in the same level and also calculate the area of it

i have no idea what packages should i use but i searched for ladybug and read its primer and i cant find the nodes related to shadow in dynamo
anyway if any body have an idea or an workflow for that kindly suggest

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi My always helper :smiley: !

@Paul_Wintour may be you have a solution !

It isn’t everything, but here’s a start

ShadowCasting_ProjectOnto.dyn (23.5 KB)


I can suggest a different approach.

1st. Creating a non-perspective camera that shows a plan view. We need that to get an accurate shadow:

2nd. The view should be in “Hidden Line” so we only have 3 colors.
3rd. Measuring the viewport size. In my case the width of the viewport is 30 000 mm.
4th. Exporting the image in a lossless format so we don’t get some pixel artefacts.

5th. Using Dynamo to count the grey pixels (the shadow) and calculate it’s area.


I think there is a way of doing this with the Revit API, but I do not have the time at the moment to dig in to it. Maybe someone else can?

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@jostein_olsen I found those articles on this topic:

They seem interesting, but I also don’t have the time to go deep into them right now.

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as u see in the image i need to find a way to clear the intersection fro circle on the planner surface i need them to be one closed boundary , any ideas !

the project i work on is too big but i will try it thank you @viktor_kuzev