Solar Analysis problem

I have problem with dynamo and Revit. I created a solar analysis script for Kinetic pattern on dynamo and I finished already but I can not see the color analysis on Revit and I do not what is the problem ?. I tried to change the graphics I thought it was the problem but it does not work so anyone have suggestions

If you upload some screenshots of both your graph and what happens/doesn’t happen in Revit upon execution the chances for a reply worth anything skyrockets. :slight_smile:

sorry jonathan
here are some screens shots for dynamo scrpit and revit and I dont know what is the problem. I tried to check the graphics but also the result is the same.

and here is another one I think zou can see from that shot better than another shot

Seems that your colors are off… The two outputs from the “Color.Range” node is RGB (255, 255, 255) which is white…

I don’t know why the output of the Color range is (255,255,255, alpha=255) It is suppose be the same colors from the list which I created. Also I did the same operation before with the same script. I worked on another file and it works.