Several problems about software package

Sorry, I am A novice, I would like to ask A few questions. First, I have installed package Rhythm.But found no node Element.Room, then I installed the Archi-Lab software packages, but I’m in the package explorer, but have not found that packages Archi-Lab, only, but I installed in the node list on the left but did not show, later I installed but LunchBox for Dynamo, too, in the list on the left shows no, My dynamo is the latest version Element Room Location

Hi @Theo

Rhythm has node called FamilyInstance.Room.

Sounds like you in Dynamo Sandbox or another version which is not related to Dynamo Revit, and as such nodes which call the Revit API can cause other nodes or entire packages to not load. If you want Revit interaction you must launch Dynamo via the manage tab in Revit.