Element Room Location



Hello, I am extremely new to dynamo so please bear with me.

I have searched google but nothing is quite what im looking for, or im searching with the wrong terms.

I am trying to create a script which finds the location of placed elements eg. fire alarm devices and tells me what room the device is located in eg. lobby

is this possible?



Look for a package called Archi-lab or Clockwork. They both have nodes that do that.


I downloaded the clockwork package

what is the node called?


You can also use @john_pierson Rhythm package node “Element.Room” to find elements room.

How can I export what room a device belongs to?

And here is @Konrad_K_Sobon archi-lab package node called “Elements in Room”.
This node will check all of the supplied elements if they are located in any of the supplied rooms.


yes this is perfect, thank you! Didnt know about all these packages available!


Oh but it does not say the room name, only the number. Is there a way to extract the room name?


Hi Can i get even elements from a linked file


Is there a way to add the room name using the Elements in Room node?
To show like

Living Room

  • Sofa
  • Television



This is a new question. Please start a new thread.