Element Room Location

Hello, I am extremely new to dynamo so please bear with me.

I have searched google but nothing is quite what im looking for, or im searching with the wrong terms.

I am trying to create a script which finds the location of placed elements eg. fire alarm devices and tells me what room the device is located in eg. lobby

is this possible?


Look for a package called Archi-lab or Clockwork. They both have nodes that do that.

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I downloaded the clockwork package

what is the node called?

You can also use @john_pierson Rhythm package node “Element.Room” to find elements room.

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And here is @Konrad_K_Sobon archi-lab package node called “Elements in Room”.
This node will check all of the supplied elements if they are located in any of the supplied rooms.

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yes this is perfect, thank you! Didnt know about all these packages available!

Oh but it does not say the room name, only the number. Is there a way to extract the room name?

Hi Can i get even elements from a linked file

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Is there a way to add the room name using the Elements in Room node?
To show like

Living Room

  • Sofa
  • Television

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