Setup Copy/Monitor from linked file using Dynamo/API?

Quick question

Is it possible to setup a Copy/Monitor from a linked file using Dynamo/Revit API? and how?

copy_monitor :smile:

Are you referring to this kind of workflow?

naah, I just need to setup a copy monitor on a linked file as a part of a larger “setup models” script. But thanks for the suggestion anyway. :slight_smile:

A screenshot of your graph would help…
See this also:

Copy Monitor won’t ever be of much use to Dynamo until it’s functionality is exposed to the API. If you think this is important/useful - please vote at:


Thanks, that’s why we have no components or I couldn’t find it in the API… voted. :slight_smile:

Has Anyone used Dynamo to copy the instance parameters into copy monitored families?

2020 and only 140 Votes. Disappointing for automation possibilites

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@Jonathan_Roy, see this for a slight workaround…are you trying to automate setting up MEP models?

Pause script for manual interaction in Revit

@JustinStirling, thanks, will take a look. Yes we are looking to automate/program setting up MEP models.

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