Setup Copy/Monitor from linked file using Dynamo/API?

Quick question

Is it possible to setup a Copy/Monitor from a linked file using Dynamo/Revit API? and how?

copy_monitor :smile:

Are you referring to this kind of workflow?

naah, I just need to setup a copy monitor on a linked file as a part of a larger “setup models” script. But thanks for the suggestion anyway. :slight_smile:

A screenshot of your graph would help…
See this also:

Copy Monitor won’t ever be of much use to Dynamo until it’s functionality is exposed to the API. If you think this is important/useful - please vote at:


Thanks, that’s why we have no components or I couldn’t find it in the API… voted. :slight_smile:

Has Anyone used Dynamo to copy the instance parameters into copy monitored families?

2020 and only 140 Votes. Disappointing for automation possibilites

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@Jonathan_Roy, see this for a slight workaround…are you trying to automate setting up MEP models?

Pause script for manual interaction in Revit

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@JustinStirling, thanks, will take a look. Yes we are looking to automate/program setting up MEP models.

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Having read the previous comments and other posts, it looks like postable commands should be avoided. However, it’s 2022 and I am wondering (just checking really) if anything has been changed / added? People who set up our models from time to time forget to monitor levels and grids, and even forget to pin them. Yes, maybe these people shouldn’t be doing what they do in the first place, but it is what it is. So it would be very helpful to have a script that lets you copy levels/grids from a certain model, pin them and monitor.
This is my first dynamo / pyhton script (please see image). This command “PostableCommand.CopyMonitorSelectLink” brings up the Copy/Monitor Tab where I have to manually select whether I wish to copy/monitor or just monitor. Has anyone got ideas how fully automate such process?



Did this actually end up working for you?