Copy & Monitor Grids and Levels From Linked Model

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering if anyone knows any script to copy and monitor grids and levels from linked file.
I tried to write a script, but I couldn’t create one as I’m not good in dynamo.

I appreciate if you could please share if you have any script.

Thank you,

There is a search button on the top right corner, you can try to use it… Searching for copy monitor there are hundreds of results.

If you want to use revit’s builtin copy monitor functionality, it’s not possible, read this reply: Setup Copy/Monitor from linked file using Dynamo/API?

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve been using Revit copy & monitor. I thought it might be any script for the case that we have so many grids and levels.


Hey Guys I want to bump this topic. I am pulling levels and grids from a linked file. I also found that the API documentation can help to query if an element is monitored…however, to make this a sucessful automation (as @Eli said above) when there are many grids and levels, we need to be able to run the monitor tool via dynamo.

Can anyone tell me how to access the tool? I’m assuming python could run this tool via dynamo, but I can’t find out how to call this function. I have a script set up that will call the levels and grids based on a link selected in revit by the user; but the automation kind of falls flat if you have to go back into revit and select each individual item to monitor.

If the user has selected the link and the grids/levels have been copied, all of the data is already available to the script…anyone know hoe to access/call the “monitor” tool???

Thank you!

As explained above, Copy/Monitor is not available in the API. The only way to run it is through the Revit UI. You can see that elements are monitored because that is a property of the individual element, not a part of the Copy/Monitor tool.

Thanks @Nick_Boyts that’s what I have been running into in my research. I was hoping someone had more progress by now.
Even if not through dynamo, possibly using something like pyrevit, to create a tool that “clicks” the monitor button, and then using the dynamo script to activate the plugin and pass the selection information (link and objects) to revit?

Anything that happens within the Copy/Monitor UI is not currently possible.