Copy shared parameters info between linked models when using copy/monitor

My company has both architectural and MEP teams. One common workflow we have between the teams is the following:

  • Architectural team puts together the RCP;
  • MEP team links the architectural model and uses the copy/monitor command to bring lighting fixtures to their model.

We would like to be able to use a shared parameter for all lighting fixtures tags (by type). For example, the architectural team will tag the fixtures in their model, and the MEP team would be able to use the same tag info on the lighting fixtures they’ve copied/monitored. I believe that the only way to achieve that is through Dynamo, is that correct? I’m still learning Dynamo and I have been wondering if what I would like to achieve is possible. I have found a few discussions with a similar solution but using instance parameters, we really would like to be able to use type parameters in this case.

Thanks for any insights in advance!