Setting parameters to multiple families


i’m trying to model a group of families that are forming a drainage. Each different family have the same category and parameters are set by category. I receive the information of this families in an excel (each different instance in a line giving the parameter values)

What I would like to do is to take the whole matrix and represent the elements given (all line based elements) and introduce also the different parameters into the elements.
I have reached the solution when doing it line by line, but no finding the clue for doing it with the whole matrix.
For the moment I have this:

So in this case I have reduced the matrix to two. I want to place the two families in the node FamilyType along the lines in the node LINE (each family in one line), and then introduce the parameters in the code block (that are the same in both families because all parameters are set by category and both families have the same category) with the values of the node VALUES (there are two lists of values, one for each parameter).

I also attach the excel file and the dyn.

example.xlsx (16.8 KB)
DR.dyn (88.6 KB)