Creating 743 Famillies, with parameters from an Excel sheet

Hello Dynamo users,

I am very new in the world of Dynamo, but i started it to safe some repetetive workt in revit.

The task im trying to solve is: Create families from the excel sheet (see picture). Each row is a famillie. These famillie got parameters. These parameters are in the columns of the excel sheet.

So now i have made a script for one famillie. But i cant figure out how to safe this family as: Id_Omschrijving (These are columns from excel) .

Can anyone help a beginner out :smiley:

This is the Excel file i am using

If you are modifying a existing family to the given families then it seems you are in the right direction, though do check that you are putting in the right details to the parameter.

eg a string into a stirng parameter, double into a double, element into a element

If you try to put a string number into a parameter that usually requires numbers then it will fail.

Secondary note, if you are creating new families each time then you need to find a way to duplicate/create a new family type then apply the correct name and parameters accordingly.

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Hey Brendan

thanks for the quick respond

Yes i am modifying an existing family to the given famillies. the parameters are connected to the right details. the reason it give a warning is because some information is unknown inside the excel sheet. but thats okay.

I dont have to create family types. I just have to safe 743 different famillies :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

May I ask why you want to create 743 families?

Why don’t you use a Type Catalog?

Thats the task i got, so i have to make 743 different famillies

You need then to “save as” your file every time.There are nodes OOTB and from Clockworks. I don’t know which one will be the right for you.

You should download Orchid package, with a lot of nodes to edit families.
You can try with Document.BackgroudOpen (also from Orchid) and see if you can achieve a working workflow.

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I found this node in Orchid ( Document.Close), that closes document, but i cant figure out how it works… any tips?


i figured out how to safe the file!