List Matching for Conduits and ConduitRuns

Hi, I have created a dynamo graph that would copy the parameters from a Conduit Run Family Elements to Conduit Elements. I have been able to read all elements and assemble them in a similar data tree. However, these data trees are not identical, because of the way that Revit treats Conduit Runs as groups.
I have no idea how to match both lists so that the data tree from the Conduits list can take the parameter of the Conduit Run list, taking into account that they have both the same branches, but each has a different number of items. I would like to pass all the parameters from the one item Conduit Run list; to the multiple items Conduit list.Capture3

@rchavez Are you able to post your dyn, and dummy rvt file?

No, I received a message stating that I couldnĀ“t upload files, since I was a new member. The problem is that at the end I end up with two data branches that look the same, but one has three elements, since Conduit breaks into different pieces a Conduit Run, and the conduit run has only one item per data tree branch.

@rchavez Can you send a link to download them?

Using list at level 2 and longest lacing should make this work.