View.SetWorksetVisibility from Archi-lab does not work

Hi all,
I am trying to View.SetWorksetVisibility. I used View.SetWorksetVisibility from Archi-Lab but it seem not work. i received error message likeWarning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of SetWorksetVisibility that takes arguments of type (Revit.Elements.Views.StructuralPlanView,__array,bool)
Have i made some mistake with this node? Can you give me some advise?
I would like to attach my dyn file and revit file. I am using Revit 2018, dynamo 1.3.1, Archi lab package 2016.13.4
Thank you!

Try each of the following to see if they resolve the issue:

  1. Set the nodes lacing to longest
  2. Flatten the list of worksets
  3. Expand the preview for the nodes connected to the workset visibility node and I pload a complete capture of your graph using a camera export.

This error means you are giving the node something it can’t work with (a list of lists of lists as one example) so we need to see what you are inputting to know for certain what the issue is.

Thanks Jacob!

Is it working now? What did you change if so? If not can you open those previews?