Setting multiple parameters on multiple families

I’m working on a graph that will check a Yes/No value on my Titleblocks. Those values control our KeyPlans and turn various area on and off.
I think I’ve got everything figured out except for actually applying the values to the correct parameters on the correct families
I’ve got one list of the Titleblock families, and another of the values that should be set for each.
But it won’t set the correct values.
I assume this has something to do with Lacing, but that concept still hurts my brain.
Here’s a snip of just the lists and the nodes I’m using

The upper right is all of the Titleblocks affected. The upper left is the Parameter names. Each Titleblock has both those Parameters
The List.Map node has the correct values that should be getting applied.
In the SetParameter node, I’ve currently got Longest for Lacing, but I’ve tried all the other options, too.
Or is there an easier way? Maybe another Lisp.Map somewhere?

Thanks in advance

It might not be the most elegant, but if you replicate the titleblock qty and param names to match the count, then flatten all inputs so everything is one to one short lacing it will work.

Thanks, Jeff. That gave me the direction to go.
I think I was getting twisted up because I had three different Lists (Element IDs, Parameter Names, Parameter values) and there was really no way to lace all three of those.
Once I flattened them all (and made them all the same length) it worked great.
It finds all of the Sheets with the word “ZONE” in the Sheet Title, and then sets a matching Visibility parameter (Show Zone #)
Just ran it on a real project with 56 Sheets and 7 Zones. It set 392 parameters in seconds!
Thought I’d share the final graph.
Keyplan Zones.dyn (38.9 KB)