Setting Execution Intervals

Hi there,

I am trying to translate a massive amount of panels from Rhino to Revit using the adaptive component by xyz node.

The problem is I have found a limit of around 1200 elements before it just crashes. Does anyone know of a way I could commit say the first 1000 panels to revit and then loop through again?

I have probably about 20000 panels to place!

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks Ian.

I might post an image of the final once it is done.

Thanks again for all your help :)

Hi Rhys,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I re-jiggered the workflow to use one of the Excel nodes which we've been updating and it ran to completion. I've attached the revised workflow as well. It takes a few minutes to crank through placing all the ACs because Revit doesn't have a good API for batch creating. It has to place the adaptive component, then find it's reference points, then move the reference points, etc.

Panel and new points list

Here is the panel I am using also, 4 point adaptive.

Interesting . . . On my machine I have found that it works for 4520 pairs of points and crashes on 4525 points. We'll figure this out

Cheers guys,

I have attached the points file for the structure and the two Dynamo.dyf's that keep failing. It seems to happen when I get to about 1100 elements to place.I will work on providing some more material today, time permitting.

once again, thanks

Hi Rhys,

I suspect there is another problem. I have a script that places 2200 x 4point panels. Takes about 3 minutes, but it does it. I suspect that there is an error state in the nodes, and Dynamo is getting hung up on erroring. Need to see your script to diagnose this.

Hi Rhys,

Can you send us some support files? Rhino, Revit, Dynamo, whatever you have. This should definitely not be failing even for large numbers of panels.