Adaptive Component Placement -File Size

I was hope someone could help me regarding an issue I’m having with a 2 point adaptive component being place in a project via dynamo referencing an excel coordinate points.

Being a relative beginner at Dynamo – I have been able to get it all to work however my main issue now is the fact the file size is crazy large (close to 1gb)

Basic facts:
Rail project: sleeper/slabs placed 700mm apart along the rail alignment
Adaptive component family: 950kb
Adaptive component points: 2
Number of placement in project: 4000

When I originally tested the adaptive family in a project file and did a basic array x 4000, my file size is about 5mb. However when I place them via dynamo the file size is close to 1gb. So I think there something with my dynamo script I’m missing which has me stumped.

My dynamo script is straight forward - reading the excel file – extracting the points I need (I was given the top and bottom points every 1m (4points) of the actual rail track profiles. I only needed the bottom points) plotting points and creating a polycurve between the points. Then dividing the polycurve by 700mm to get my spacing between sleepers/slabs, not ideal (dividing) as the sleeper/slabs go out of square due to the length of each of the arcs… another issue I need to work out!!

Hopefully is something really simple so any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated

Slab-Sleeper_Placement_2xAdaptive Component.dyn (908.6 KB)

Hi Dan,

I guess there is something wrong with your DYN script. I saved as your script and is huge difference in size. Can you drop here all the files including adaptive component & excel file. So that we can have closer look at it.

Hello Kulkul,
I have attached the excel file for reference and a blank project file with the AC loaded

RLS.xlsx (481.2 KB)
Project_Test Slab Placement 2016.rvt (2.1 MB)

Hello Kulkul,

I think I saved the dyn after I ran the script / data so its probably why the file size is large. I did the same test and saved it without running the script and I got the same file size of 40kb.

I worked out a work around using structural beam family instead of the adaptive family but I would still like to understand the reasoning why the file size blow out happens.


Dear @RevitOnMAC ,

Could be a problem of Instance?
If you watch this short movie at 33:38 min Stark remove the repetear instance, I don’t know if this could be the problem.

I ran into this problem when I was running your script probably it is too heavy for my poor laptop

I think the problem is that when he first ran the definition and created all of the instances of that family in the model, it also stored/serialized a lot of information about each of the instances placed in the file. This would cause the Dynamo definition to bloat really quickly. When @Kulkul saved the file as I think it caused to to relinquish all that extra stuff that was stored in the file hence it for smaller. I am just speculating here.

You are not the first person to notice this behavior. I think @Dimitar_Venkov has also told me about this. I would raise this issue with the Dynamo development team.

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Also, I would use a Generic Model, line based for something like this. I am not sure there is a good reason to use a Beam or AC family.

Thanks Konrad,
Glad to hear I’m not the first, I have progressed some what since this post… but think your comments above are probably on the mark. I abandoned the AC family process and opted for the beam approach to get out a deadline. But using beams has its own issues but file size was substantially smaller, I have been trying the line based approach the last few week with better results…